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Mission Statement:

Equipping disciples to fulfill God's mission. 

「因為從第一天直到如今,你們都同心合意興旺福音。 」(腓立比書1:5)腓立比教會是使徒保羅在宣教旅程中建立的。保羅為腓立教會祈禱時總是歡歡喜喜的,原因是他們從創會的第一天到保羅寫這封信的時候,都同心合意興旺福音。他們不單自己在腓立比傳福音,更一直支持保羅的宣教事工。我們也如此為活泉宣道會祈禱,讓活泉宣道會的使命集中在傳福音、訓練門徒以及支持宣教事工上。我們希望活泉宣道會也像腓立比教會一樣,從成立第一天到主耶穌再來,也同心合意興旺福音。建立以推動宣教為主的教會,正是宣道會常常強調的宣道會精神。宣信博士創辦宣道會的目的,就是希望基督徒與宣教士共同聯手參與宣教。使萬民作祂的門徒,是主耶穌給每一間教會的使命。活泉宣道會的使命常提醒我們,要更好運用教會資源,全力推動宣教。

The Philippian church was started by Paul the Apostle during one of his missionary journeys, and Paul commended the Philippian church for being in partnership in the gospel with him from the very first day until when he wrote the letter to them. The Philippian church not only evangelised in the Philippi area, but also supported Paul’s mission work. At Living Water Alliance Church, we pray that we can be like the Philippian church in that we focus on evangelism from the very first day until Jesus’ second coming. This is in fact, the very nature of the Christian and Missionary Alliance, that is to build up a church that participates in and focuses on the mission. The reason why Dr A.B. Simpson founded the Christian and Missionary Alliance was to allow Christians to participate in the mission with missionaries. This is also the Great Commission that Jesus has given every church, to make disciples of all nations. Therefore, the mission statement of the Living Water Alliance Church reminds us to utilise our resources appropriately in the work of mission.

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