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Transforming lives through Christ's living water

In the vision in Ezekiel 47, Ezekiel saw the new temple, where water flowed out from the altar and turned into a river. Where the river reached, fruit trees grew, their leaves could be used for healing, and the Dead Sea became alive. The temple refers to the church, and the river flowing from the temple is the living water of Jesus, which is the Holy Spirit living in Christians’ hearts. That is why Jesus said, “whoever believes in me, as Scripture has said, rivers of living water will flow from within them”.  John further explained that it referred to the Holy Spirit whom believers in Jesus will receive (John 7:38-39a).


Our vision is that when the brothers and sisters of Living Water Alliance Church build the church according to God’s will, and when we establish the altar of worship and praise, the living water of Christ will flow through the church. It is important to note that the church is not a physical building, but a group of people called to worship God. Therefore, wherever we gather to worship, we are the church, and we can experience the power of the Holy Spirit to receive healing and life. However, being filled by the Holy Spirit is not a momentary experience, but continuous obedience to the Holy Spirit, living a life pleasing to God. Therefore, the flowing of the living water of Christ does not only happen as we gather, but even more so in our daily lives as we are renewed by the Holy Spirit to be more like Christ.

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